We organise two different courses:

  1. The Beginners Course. Do you want to learn to meditate, but you're not interested in airy-fairy nonsense? Then this is the course for you! Once a week, for four weeks, you'll get more insight into how your mind works. Together with a few enthusiastic meditators, you'll begin to overcome thought loops, downward spirals and an endlessly churning mind.
  2. Six Weeks of Metta. If you have found some space and clarity through meditation, why not fill it up with Metta? Metta meditation is aimed at cultivating a new state of being that is characterised by benevolence, loving kindness, friendliness and goodwill. Which sounds great, but is it possible? Once a week, for six weeks, we're going to explore the different practices associated with Metta.

We teach both courses online, so anyone from the EA community can join.

When can I join?

We're currently planning when the next course starts. If you want a message when the next course starts, make sure to join our Whatsapp group.