An overview of EA-aligned meditation teachers. Feel free to reach out.

Ollie Bramford

Hello! My intention is that, by adopting wiser mindsets, work habits and lifestyle practices, my students will live with an increasing sense of psychological safety, belonging, fulfilment, inner peace and resilience to live in alignment with their values.

I am certified as a mindfulness & meditation teacher by the University of California, Berkeley, and I work more-or-less exclusively with the EA community. Trained by eminent teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, I have been a committed meditator for eighteen years.

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Luis Burgis

Hi! I am Luis. My intention is to teach the skills that help me to effectively progress towards more and more positivity within one's life - via a systematic approach that allows you to understand the system of your mind and with that, the ability to influence and shape your inner life.

Start your development in happiness by listening to my guided practices.